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Hello! I've created this page in hopes of making information more accessible for casting, management or press representatives in response to questions that have occasionally cropped up over time. Below, I've included some topics surrounding recurring inquiries which I have answered as concisely as I can. 



   I have found it best to be transparent when it comes to questions on my immigration status as there seem to be many misconceptions and confusions with that my situation entails. Point form below!

What is my citizenship?

I am a Canadian citizen.

How do I work within the United States?

I am was granted an O-1 visa by the USCIS.

Does an O-1 visa limit your work within the US?

It depends on the work; though whatever the job, it must be performative. In my case, anything within the singing/acting/modeling/dance field is permitted. I cannot simply get up and grab a job at Starbucks. While the visa is highly regarded in the arts, there are some companies who will not hire individuals on O-1 visas. However as my visa grows and evolves, I am able to overcome these restrictions with the more work opportunities I gain. 

Can I join the performing arts unions?

As it turns out, I am now permitted to become potentially eligible for both SAG-AFTRA and Actor's Equity. This is in part  


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